Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Andrei is out!

As part of the whirlwind of the events of the past week, Andrei Nalivaiko was freed! He's still fighting to be proven innocent, but he's out, and a national decree says that the criminal charges cannot be moved forward against him. When the list of just 23 political prisoners released by parliament came out, I was very surprised to see his name included. At first he didn't want to leave prison, without having been officially acquitted (is that the term I want?), but they forced him to go. So, praise God that he's out! And please continue to pray for his personal safety, further victory in court if that is God's will, and--most of all--that all of this would be a great reminder to him of the Father who cares for the fatherless.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! we'll keep praying! d/b/g

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! We'll keep praying! d/b/g

Baba Julie said...

So glad to hear this! We will continue to pray for him to be cleared of all charges. And, we are also praying for registration to be completed. Love to you all!!