Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Document details

After I last wrote about starting to renew our residency documents, here is what else has happened:
  • Jan. 21 - Will went to talk to immigration lady. She didn't know what to do; suggested that he talk to someone at a nearby Catholic church. She said that she'd also ask about us at a meeting she would be going to soon. Will consulted a Christian lawyer who has been recommend to us.
  • Jan. 22 - Agape office day for Will. Only document progress was that I edited document photos for us and got them printed out.
  • Jan. 23 - Since we don't have to leave the country,* Will had another appointment with the lawyer and gave him all the documents he needs to get us invited.
  • Jan. 24 - Will went out to Tsyurupinsk to work on some fix-up projects at the orphanage I visit. On his way back he stopped and talked to the migration lady again, just to check in with her.
Now our new invitations are ready. We need to go back to Dneprorudnoe soon now to unregister there. Apparently Will can't just do it by himself; I have to go, too. Then we'll have three days to get registered here. Please keep covering the whole process in prayer. Thanks!

*New info. We don't have to leave the country to renew any more. It's convenient and will save us enough money to pay the lawyer, but we're sad that we won't get to visit our friends and have our little Krakow "vacation."

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