Saturday, February 15, 2014

Orphanage and Andrei

I had a great morning and afternoon at the orphanage. The boys have chicken pox, and we hadn't spent as much time with the girls lately, so we did a Bible lesson and several crafts with the girls today, and didn't go in to the big boys group at all. I missed the boys, but I'm already looking forward to being back with them next week. And then we went to the bed-bound little ones, fed a few of them their lunches, and played with them one-on-one. That's my favorite part.

I thought I would share a bit more about Andrei (second link), too. There's really not any new news coming out, but I'm somewhat encouraged. Thank you for praying for him, and please keep it up! He has been moved from where they were holding him to where he should be, legally. Apparently he has been seen by a doctor, is in good shape, and is being detained according to all the right laws and regulations now. Journalists saw a note from him saying that he has no complaints. (The cynical side of me says that he could have been forced to write that, but let's hope it's true.) Several influential people on a national level have gotten interested. Specifically, a Kiev parliament deputy came down in the past week to look into the situation and bring him a good lawyer. There's still a lot to pray about, of course.

Oh, and thank you for praying for our trip to Vasilevka! I hope to be able to write about it soon, but the short version is that it went quite smoothly, and our older children did wonderfully without us.


Mom said...

Thank you for the update. We continue to pray for you and for Andrei.

Love you….

Baba Julie said...

Glad to hear all of this and we continue to pray! Love you all!

Anna T said...

Dear Phyllis,
I am popping over to your blog from Susanna's blog (The Blessing of Verity). I have a 4-year old son with Down Syndrome and agree with the suggestions provided by the other comment on that blog about presenting the spoon from the side. Woodbine press has some good resource books regarding Down Syndrome as well that would be helpful. Another resource that I have used is on the internet, has Down Syndrome board that is searchable. Also, please feel free to send me any specific questions that you may have (and I'll try to help). Would it be possible to have an OT and/or PT visit as a missionary for a week? My son's OT went to China for a week and gave the orphanages her ideas (just a thought). Praying for you and many blessings as you work in the orphanages! Anna T