Saturday, February 08, 2014

"Second Christmas," part 2

Christmas morning the sun came out! I already said that, but it was such an event that it needs mentioning again. In the morning we went to church. When we came back, everyone except me watched a Christmas movie. Then they came out for dinner, and I made them sing for it. They had to sing my favorite Christmas carol. As soon as we sat down to eat, carolers arrived at our door and sang a little more for us. Well, they mostly recited poems, but they did try a song at our request. As it got dark, we bundled up and headed into the center of town to look at the lights. We bumped into friends there, and talked for a little while, walked around more, and then stopped for hot chocolate. It was very late when we got home, but the whole day was very full and happy.

Christmas sunshine
Bon appétit!
Close up
One-eyed bear
Administration building
In front of the tree
Listening to music
Hot chocolate
I love this photo! (and this boy!)
So glad that Julie was here
And that finished off our wonderful 2013-2014 holiday season!

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Baba Julie said...

Very nice! Sounds like a wonderful day! Love to each of you!