Sunday, August 09, 2015

Indiana/Florida trip, part 5

Okay, the actual conference time:

Kathy led some singing, with her little helper.
Donna-Jean led everything else.
Her closing message about Charlotte Mason in hard times, pretty much took everything in my heart and brought it together with tons of encouragement. Homeschooling, orphans, Charlotte Mason, and Karyn Purvis all in one? Wow.

Our 15-year NTBI reunion
Misty and I went to Bible school together and then later reconnected online as moms. She came to the retreat with her darling five-month-old twins.

See? Darling!
Karen spoke on "Believe in mind."
She went from Anna Karenina (of course) to Charlotte Mason (of course) and talked about how minds are living and need real spiritual food. I was holding a sweet baby, so I didn't take notes. It was all good. Read her book.

It was all at a beautiful old church.
I'm afraid they didn't appreciate Karen's talk.
Mingling time
Pretty things
Cindy Rollins spoke Saturday morning.
I had to steal this photo from Amy. I'm in it, so you know I didn't take it. Cindy's talk was so good! When she quit blogging, I had just found her blog, and I felt like it was a tragedy not to be able to read what she wrote anymore. Hearing her in person was even better, though. Again, I didn't take notes, but I'll be listening to the recording again, I know. I don't remember if I had heard about her Morning Time before we started our Morning School or not, but that "liturgy" of hers has definitely inspired me when I have read about it. She talked about just doing a little at a time and building those beautiful habits.

Lunch music
My breakout session on foreign languages
(Photo taken by Melisa)
This is a sweet girl who really ministered to my heart. In a lot of ways she is like the kids I work with at the orphanage, but there's a night and day difference, because she has grown up in a loving family. I grabbed this photo when she got my orphanage photo album out to look at her "friends."

And I'm still going. All this was really special for me. If you're tired of it, you don't have to read....


Anne said...

Is there any way those of us who didn't attend could listen to some of these talks?

Phyllis said...

There will be recordings available soon.

Baba Julie said...

It's good to read about what you did, Phyllis. And, it reminds me of so many of those encouraging conferences as I went to years ago in the "dark ages" of homeschooling. (: Love to you all!