Saturday, August 08, 2015

So good to be back

Beautiful flowers at the orphanage
Because I didn't go on the Saturday before my trip, it was almost a month since I had been to the orphanage. I've missed those kids! Today Raia went with me, and when we got there, the nurse wouldn't let me take the two groups of big kids out. But, since Raia can't come in (yet), I couldn't just stay inside the whole time. So, I begged for little K., and got permission to take her outside alone. I sat with my usual groups inside for a few minutes, heard how they're doing, and gave them the snacks I had brought.

Then I went outside with just one sweet little girl to spoil! Her group is so bed-bound that they don't even have hats and shoes, but I finally remembered to take Bogdan's sandals and Asya's hat for her to borrow. So, she could explore the playground on her own and be out in the sun more than I can usually allow. We wore her out; I think she's probably taking a good nap now. I don't think I've seen her ready to stop moving before, but today, towards the end of our two hours, she just wanted to sit in my lap and snuggle. Very sweet.

Yes, this is the little girl who is getting a family very soon. Please pray for them as they get ready and travel.

Also, there's a new little girl in her group. I just got to meet her today. Maybe I can start spending more time with her, after K. leaves? Of course, I love and hold and feed all of them, but K. was the only who really noticed my presence much at all. I was kind of sad before I got there today, thinking how much I would miss K. after she's gone. (Although I am THRILLED that she'll have a family to love her. Nothing tops that!) And then this new little one also responded when I walked in today, and S. gave me a big smile, and V. played her game of repeating sounds with me, and N. reached out and grabbed my face. It was a good day.


Mom said...

You bring irreplaceable beauty into that place. May God's blessings be poured out upon you in bucketfuls.

Much love....

Baba Julie said...

So sweet... I am so happy that you have this wonderful ministry and that these dear children have you! Love you!