Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Seven quick takes: Duck tales, neighborhood stuff, funnies, etc

:: 1 ::

Our ducks continue to entertain us. Each girl duck has her own barrel for nesting, but recently Belyshka has been laying her eggs in Shokoladka's barrel. Shokoladka actually takes time to line her barrel with feathers and to sit on the eggs. She has mothering instincts that Belyshka completely lacks. Recently, while Shokoladka was in the favored barrel, Belyshka just laid an egg on the ground in the yard. Shokoladka was not happy about that. She tried to roll it across the yard to the barrels. When that didn't work, she built a nest all over and around it, peeping the whole time at Belyshka, as if to explain to her that she shouldn't just leave these things lying around in any old place!

:: 2 ::

Can you handle another duck tale? On the hottest days lately we've been putting out wash basins full of water for the ducks to cool off in. Porosenok gets in and starts spinning at full speed, until he has created a whirlpool that just keeps spinning him. It's hilarious to watch! Does he thinking he's swimming to somewhere fast?

:: 3 ::

There was some neighborhood excitement one morning, when an alarm next door went off. The house there is sitting empty, so they put a burglar alarm on it. Well, when the alarm went off the first time, a security car arrived, but without keys. In the process of getting over the wall to check on things, one of the guys accidentally shot with his gun! Shooting! In our neighborhood!?!?

:: 4 ::

We've really been enjoying the neighborhood children's library this summer. At least one of our older three is there almost every day. Once Jaan made two trips in one day! I took Bogdan and attended one of the little programs that they put on for the kids. He was so funny. They started with games outside, but he kept asking, "Where are the books? When are we going to read?" until we finally did go in for the reading time. Then he was very happy.
From the library's Facebook page

:: 5 ::

(This is shared with Raia's permission.) Yesterday Raia wanted to make my birthday cake all by herself. So, we went over the recipe, and then I left her in the kitchen. A little bit later she came to me with an empty jar of (special American) baking powder, saying that she needed another one, and where is it? What?! She had used up the whole jar! So, I went to check, and found all her dry ingredients mixed together. Most of what was in the bowl was baking soda and baking powder. With her creative translation and reading skills she had decided that "tsp" must mean "tseliy packet" or "tselaya pachka" (whole packet), i.e. one whole bag of baking soda and two jars of baking powder! We laughed so hard together, and that's why she said that I could share; it really was funny. There were mishaps the second time around, too, but she finally ended up with a cake that looks great. We'll be finishing up the decorating of it soon here, and then eating it.

:: 6 ::

The best birthday present for me: "my" Little K. out at the orphanage met her new parents today.

:: 7 ::

Last week Oksana was baptized. I was so happy to be able to be there for that. Please pray for her as she continues to learn and grow in the Lord.

I will still finish my travel log. There are more photos to sort for the Florida part than there were from before, and I haven't had as much time. But I will do it. Soon.

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Baba Julie said...

I LOVE all your stories! The ducks are a riot! I love the one swimming around and around!! Well, where else was he to go? (: And, the one making a nest for the other one's egg... priceless!! But, my favorite was the baking "mishap"! Quite understandable. Just glad she didn't proceed w/ the other ingredients and get it into the oven!! THAT would've been interesting!! (: Hope you've had a wonderful birthday! Love to you all!!