Thursday, August 24, 2006

A photo and a question

Visiting Papa
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That day in Sudogda was Jaan's first experience with tents. He was fascinated! Later, at the congress in Bryansk, he became much more familiar with tent life. There were enough tents at the congress to house over 3,000 people, and Jaan still pointed them out everywhere. As we walked, it was almost always to the accompaniment of "Look! A tent! Another tent! Another. . . !"

And my question is totally unrelated to tents: does anyone know about growing cauliflower? What would keep big, healthy plants from developing heads? Tanya and I have different varieties of cauliflower growing; she bought her plants already started, I grew mine from seeds. Both of us have just one plant developing a head, all the rest are empty. What's wrong?


BabaJulie said...

Hi, Phyllis! Could it be not enough pollination? How are the bees there? That's a very interesting question.

So... Was that THE package or another one? I sure hope it was mine!! If so, open it when Jaan's in bed and take out the things I sent for you all!! Love to all!

Phyllis said...

Nope, that wouldn't be it. A head of cauliflower is the buds. . . before blooming, before pollination.

Will hasn't made it to the post office yet. He and Pasha were handing out Bible study invitations in a village, and now we have a Gospelink missionary coming over.

Oregon Criss's said...

I'll email you what I found about cauliflower.

love, debi

amazing journeys said...

That's one big tent there! I'm sure Jaan had a lot of fun in there :)

Sorry, don't have any advice on the cauliflower... But hope it turns out ok!

PS Have you thought more about Moscow?