Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Flamingoed! (and butterflied)

My parents were hit by the flock of flamingoes last night! The funny thing is that we're sleeping in Mom and Dad's bedroom in the front of the house. We actually heard all the whispering, but didn't think anything of it and didn't get up to look.

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Yesterday we had a chance to enjoy real wildlife (not pink plastic wildlife!) at the Lukas Butterfly Encounter.

In the butterfly house
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"I want that butterfly!"
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Feeding butterflies
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Jaan's first photo
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Grandda set it up, but Jaan pushed the button.

(Asya got me up early this morning, so you can thank her for this post. Jaan and Raia get credit for it, too, because they're still asleep.)


The 4 Sullivans said...

I like your new look! Hope you are enjoying ur time with family!!! Blessings, Kristie

Lindy said...

Love the look! I remember our trip to Cypress Gardens' butterfly garden and how much fun you had. I wish I could be there. We have birds at the feeder but no butterflies! Love, Aunt Lindy

Mimi said...

We got flamingoed last year! It was a hoot.

Great photos too1

Phyllis said...

Ah, but did you have flamingo insurance? :-)

Anonymous said...

But, what is "flamingo insurance"? Do you "flamingo" back? If you do, we want pictures!!! (: Love, Julie

Anonymous said...

At first thought, I think I'd like to be flamingoed, but then I consider the residual evidence potentially left behind and I'm not so sure. =-)
I love the butterfly pictures- particularly Jaan's picture and the picture of him taking the picture.
I can't wait for Jaan's sentence to be, "Vere Tyotya Anna?"!!! =-) Much love, Anna

Marsha said...

I LOVE the new look! And the picture Jaan took of the butterfly and the little circular picture inset - priceless!

Mike and I are praying for you guys! You are more than welcome to come and crash here if you would like. It would be so nice to have little ones running around.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I feel a little stupid now that I have realized they were fake flamingos. Ah, the ignorance of someone who doesn't live anywhere near real flamingos. =-) I've only seen them a couple of times in my life-at the zoo.

Anonymous said...

oops, I keep leaving my name off. Anna

Mrs said...

Anna, you are priceless! LOL Raia thought they were real, too. At least, she was afraid of them at first.

Love Jaan's first photo! How precious that you captured that moment on your camera for him! Tell Grandda he MUST send that one in to Birds and Blooms.

Loved cuddling with your little one! Glad Baba was busy so I didn't have to share. :-D Your children are as precious as I imagined them to be!

Phyllis said...

Actually, these flamingos are a youth group fundraiser. They've been selling flamingo insurance. If you have it, then the flamingos are removed the a day or two after they show up. You can also pay to have someone flamingoed. (Ours had a sign saying that they were courtesy of the Langford family. :-)

Jaan is convinced that they were geese. And when we went to the zoo yesterday, we saw flamingos right as we walked in. Of course, he said, "Look! Real geese!"