Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just a few photos

Our first car
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It's the first car we've ever owned, and it's such a blessing! (Well, Will owns it on paper. It's really a loan.)

So cute!
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No snow here!
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Mrs said...

These pictures make me smile.

Thinking of your parents with their grandchildren makes me smile.

I'm smiling!

Lindy said...

We have PLENTY of snow. The boys have ANOTHER day off. They will be in school all summer at this rate. The car reminds me of when we took over Po's Oldsmobile -- functional but not very sporty! Enjoy
Love, Aunt Lindy

Anonymous said...

Hi! So cute to see the children in the trunk of the car! Glad it's holding up and did well on the trip down! No snow here, either!! Just rain!!! Love to all! Baba Julie

Anonymous said...

It looks like the children are having so much fun!! I am glad the Lord provided a car for you all. Thank you for continuing to share your lives with us blog readers.

Laura T. :)