Wednesday, February 13, 2008

They're here!

Mom got in this morning, and Will joined us in the afternoon. We've had a wonderful day with Baba, and we're praising the Lord for Will's success with documents and smooth trip. His Dad took a day off from work yesterday to help, and they were able to get Will's driver's license, insurance, title signed over, registration, technical inspection and everything. And look at this. The North Carolina DMV shut down today with computer problems. They were just in time!

Yesterday we got to spend some time with Allie and her little boys. Here are a few photos from that:

Driving with Iain
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I don't have a good photo of cute little Cory, but you can go to the link I gave and see him.


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! We are so glad to hear everyone arrived in Florida and you all reunited there!! We had a nice visit with Will and are VERY excited about also getting to visit with you and the children!!! I told Will and Bernie that the children are going to have all the fun in Florida!!! I'm going to have to cook up some NC things to do up here!!! (: Love you all! Julie/Baba/Mom

Lindy said...

I found the link about the DMV in NC having computer problems. At least Will didn't have to make several train trips back and forth for the license. You aren't supposed to have paperwork issues in the U.S. like Russia! I love the photos and am glad to see that Kathy had a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that Will and the car made it there in one piece. I'm sure it was due to my helpful tips about calculating the distance. Mom and dad seemed to think it was silly to have a good idea when you'll arrive at the next junction, but I know the value of such knowledge. =-) I had to laugh yesterday morning, when I arrived at school and saw a lovely ghettomobile, such as the one you have acquired. I told Will it's all the rage with all the ghettofied white teens. You're hip.

Anonymous said...

oops. That last one was from me. Anna