Friday, February 29, 2008

Charlotte photos

I hardly have any photos of our Charlotte grandparents yet. Here are a few pictures of us in North Carolina, though.

Visiting Pop
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(Pop is Will's grandfather.)

Eating ice cream with Тетя Anna
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Raia had just gotten these overalls as a Christmas present, so she had to pull off her other clothes and try them on.

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I posted a similar photo of Asya in Florida. She likes to swing!

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Yes, it's cool here. Beautiful weather! It's like spring, but no mud. I've been comparing the temperatures here and in Kovrov. (Look over on the side here.) They've been about the same.


Anonymous said...

I know the folks in the "other America" are enjoying their grandkids too. Thanks for the pics you posted!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my name above...

Laura T. :)

Mrs said...

I've been to the "Other America" before, up in the mountains. It's beautiful!

Still praying for your little ones; I know when you're settled for the month things will be much easier. Still, how wonderful for your family (and the rest of us!) to get a chance to cement them in our hearts and minds.

(PS: during flamingo raids, I now think of them as geese!)