Sunday, March 02, 2008

"No hands!"

Riding with Granddaddy
Originally uploaded by fylliska.

There were better, closer ones, but this was the only "Look, Mom no hands!" that turned out.


Mom said...

What fun! Haven't I seen a photo of Will and Anna on that bike?

It pleases us greatly to see that you are having a good time there. Much love....

A day in the life... said...

oh phyllis these pictures are WONDERFUL!! so great to see how happy & healthy your children look.. praying you get a chance to reflect, pray & seek the Lord for the future. We are well - it's been hard.. james' g-father died a few days after we arrived & then had a terrible case of flu go through the family.. need to update my own blog :) we miss you!!! God is good - all the time! :)
much love to all..

Anonymous said...

Hi! Yes, you have seen Will and Anna and Abby (probably) on that bike! Abby used to ride in the "baby" seat on the back. (We bought a new one for the grandkids.)

We are having a great time with Phyllis, Will and the children! Please pray for all of us as Bernie, Will and I go to a theological conference in Dallas and Phyllis stays here with the children. I am hoping that she and the children will be able to visit with church ladies and their children while we're gone. In Him, Julie