Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life goes on

As antsy as I am to get to Ukraine, I am really enjoying every day. The weather is beautiful, and we're in a lovely place. Tuesday night the families here got together for dinner. I had met everyone while out and about with the children, but Will hadn't, so it was nice to see everyone at once, all together. Here are some photos of other recent days:

Local entertainment

They're finishing up a house right across from us, and Jaan spends a good bit of his time sitting in this spot, watching. See his red cap? That's how I can be sure he's in his place.

Just enjoying spring

Asya started out on the towel where Raia is lying in the photo. She doesn't stay in one place at all anymore! She hasn't been sleeping too well. At first we thought it was teeth. I'm not too convinced of that now. Nothing is coming through. I think she's just so determined to crawl, that it's disturbing her sleep. Will noticed that every time she woke up last night, she was on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth.

With Aunt Anna

Yesterday Anna came out to visit, and we had a great time with her! Hopefully, when she has time, she can post or pass on some of her photos of our time in the creek.

Sweet big brother

"When will she have teeth?"
"Why do you ask?"
"Because I want to give her some of my сухарики!"
Will brought two packs of сухарики from Russia to give to Jaan and Raia here. Yesterday he brought them out. Jaan and Raia were thrilled! Сухарики in America!

"Христос Воскрес!"

I know she doesn't look too thrilled, but really she was. In all the other photos she was too exuberant to be seen at all. Raia wanted to make a flag, so we came up with this. Then, last night when we lighted our candle, she and Jaan took turns waving it. (This year to count out the days of Easter, I bought two little packs of birthday candles. Each night we burn one and proclaim "Христос Воскрес!" Sometimes we sing, while we watch the candle burn away, as one more day with Jesus also passes. . . .)


Mom said...

Your photos and commentary make my heart sing. Thanks. Much love to each one...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! I'm so glad Anna could spend that special time with you all! Love, Baba Julie