Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quick update

We're getting lots of questions about our plans. Thanks for asking, but we really don't have anything to tell yet. After I asked for prayer that we would get answers, we did get one. It was a no, but that will help some, too. I want to get started on visas, but at this point we really don't know where to start. Most everyone says to decide where we're going and who we'll be working with, and then get visas through them. I'd rather go the other way around: visas first, then definite decisions. Maybe we'll find a way to do that? Please keep praying with and for us!

Our children are doing well, but we're definitely working on some behavior problems with Jaan and Raia. Pray for wisdom and better behavior. Also, poor Asya is just getting over her bad cold, and it looks like she's starting into teething. We're enjoying our retreat here. My parents should be arriving any minute for a few more days of visiting with us. That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you all to have clarity. Enjoy your visit with your parents.

Laura T. :)

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray! Have a good visit with your parents! Tell them to stop by here on the way home and I'll give them some pecans! Love to all, Julie/Mom/Baba

Agape said...

Alexandra posted these photos one her blog.www.xanga.com/teenybopperwithin

www.photopolygon.com/training/details/139#photo_1293 - because you and Will can actually read the page!

I am very excited to see what plans God has for you next! Enjoy your retreat and your parents. Hugs to Jaan and Raia, it isn't easy to be on the move so much right now. I am sure you will handle everything perfectly and teach them they way they should go! God bless you Phyllis!