Monday, March 24, 2008

Христос Воскрес!

I hope those of you who celebrated Easter yesterday had a wonderful, joyful day. I think I had a bit of culture shock at church, but I did enjoy the family time greatly. I posted our photos here.

Raia made me laugh, as she sang "Христос воскрес" ("Christ is risen") almost the whole way back out here from Charlotte last night. That part wasn't funny--it was sweet--but the variations on the main theme were hilarious. "Christ is Risen! Sing alleluia, so that Asya won't cry. Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Christ is risen so that Barmalei* won't eat anyone. Christ is Risen!" And so on. I wish I could remember more of it.

(*Jaan and Raia's favorite story is Barmalei by Kornei Chukovsky. I read it to them at least once a day. When my parents were here, Jaan retold it to Mom. It went something like this: "Dis Barmalei. He ver, ver bad. He eat childrens. And Mama and Papa say childrens don't go in Africa, but Tanya and Vanya go. Barmalei catch and tie them. He want eat them! Good Doctor Aibolit try to help. Baramlei throw him in dere [points to fire]. Crocodile come, eat Barmalei. Barmalei will be good. Crocodile spit him. Now he give childrens pretzels and cookies." Will says that Christ rising again so that Barmalei won't eat anyone is close to good theology. )

P.S. I'll explain the music tomorrow. If you need to stop it, or if you want to listen again, you'll find it down at the bottom of the sidebar.


mom said...

Lovely family thankful we are that all of you could spend this Sunday of great celebration together.

Love to each one....

Anonymous said...

I love the Barmelai story! And, yes, I agree with Will! It is close to good theology! He is risen! He is risen indeed!! Love you all! Baba Julie

Anonymous said...

Loved the Barmelai story! How cute! I enjoyed seeing your pictures. What a nice family!! (I'm still jealous of you for your great mother and MIL......)

Laura T. :)