Friday, March 07, 2008

Good news, bad news

Good news: this one. . .

Sick Raia
Originally uploaded by fylliska.

. . . is well now.

Bad news: now the littler one is sick.

Good news: we had a great visit with friends last night, and we have another one planned for tonight.

Bad news: most flights out of Dallas were cancelled yesterday, so our Papa and grandparents are stranded there.

Good news: they should be back around midnight tonight! (Pray!)


Malgomaj, Sweden said...

Hi Phyllis! I've answered your kind question on my blog! But I made it easy to myself and used your "Good - Bad" idea!

I hope you all get healthy soon. Small kids that are sick isn't fun. Not for the kids nor for the mother...

My favorite-thought on such days is: This too shall pass...

Be blessed!


Stephanie in AR said...

Oh I hope everyone is well soon, it's so hard to feel better when pappa is gone.

There's a new picture posted if you are interested.

Alissa Maxwell said...

I'm with you on the sick baby. Owen's fighting his first real fever and it's no fun for baby or mom. Praying both our littles pull through quickly. =) Alissa