Saturday, March 29, 2008

Anna, Jaan, Raia, Asya

Anna posted great photos of her time with us. (That's a link. Click on it. )

Jaan got to help with presenting flowers to some of the financial sponsors for the new house here. As he and Will were walking out the door, I asked Jaan if he was ready. He said, "Yes, I'm going to do what not-our-Aunt Abbey says to do and give all the ladies flowers." (In good Russian fashion, our children call most adults aunt or uncle. It could get a little confusing, because they do have an Aunt Abby, but this is what they came up with to distinguish between her and the Abbey here.) I tried to tell him that it would be just one lady, but he must have been stuck on "all the ladies," because apparently he tried to wander off and give his flowers to the first women that he saw. I know you can't really see him in this photo, but it was all Will could get. Jaan's up in the front; that's his leg and the bottom of his sweater stepping up onto the stage:

Raia is eating! That's big news, considering how sick she's been. Please keep praying for her. She's not all the way well yet.

Asya is determined to crawl. This is probably too much, but I couldn't decide which video was better. In the first she's mostly just warming up, although there is some forward motion. Will says that she looks like "a hyper inchworm." In the second, she's moving! And actually, by then, she was tired. That was slow, compared to what we're seeing most of the time.


mom said...

Asya's technique reminds me of the way you began crawling, Phyllis.

Thank you for posting those delightful clips. I am headed back to watch them again, meanwhile much love to each of you....

Anonymous said...

I heard Bernie laughing and laughing in here and I thought he was laughing at something I was doing out in the kitchen. He was watching the clips over and over!! They are precious! And, I love poor little Raia eating again and Jaan doing what "not our aunt Abbey" asked him to do!! So sweet!! I know his real Aunt Abby can't wait to see you all!! Love, Baba Julie

Shannon said...

OOH~ I love the new look! Are you planning on changing this with the seasons? ;)
Praying for Raia's health to return!
LOVE, Shae