Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Where no one lives"

Yesterday we arrived at Siloam Missionary Homes. ("Our" house in the one in the middle of their banner.) I think we're really going to enjoy the rural life here. Jaan kept asking who we would be staying with next. I told him over and over that we would have a house by ourselves, hence this is "the house where no one lives." It's appropriate, since we seem to be out in the middle of nowhere. . . except that there are plenty of nice people living or staying here.

One of our neighbors :-)
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The chickens!
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Asya discovers sand
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(Raia was giving her lessons on what to do with it.)

Today we're settling in and working on Gospelink business. I think our next project will be visas, and then the big task of deciding where in Ukraine we're headed!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Phyllis! It looks like a perfect place!! (Package on its way. Should be there tomorrow!) Lots of love, Julie

Mrs said...

Wow! Wonderful! I hope you get to see it with some "spring" to it.

How are you all feeling?

Anonymous said...

Wow- it looks amazing. From the pictures of the horse and chickens, I expected to see little ranch houses. It looks like you have a wonderful amount of space there and even better- soon you'll be able to enjoy some of those flowers I saw in the pictures! Love to all- Anna

Kathy said...

I'm glad you're in a great spot for now, Phyllis! We miss you over at the Year 0 list, so I came by to see how things are going. I'm glad all are well (or reasonably so).