Sunday, December 11, 2016

Busy days

Preparations for the Christmas season are in full swing here, and our kids seem to be constantly at practices. I thought I'd list here some of what they have coming up, so that you can know and pray for them. I'll update this as time goes on:
  • December 19--Jaan music school concert (+Raia for one duet)
  • December 19--Jaan: Christmas play in Zelenovka?
  • December 20--Raia music school concert 
  • December 20--Asya: music school New Year concert (flute)
  • December 22--Jaan: Christmas play for a local school
  • December 23--Jaan: Christmas plays for church and general public
  • December 24--art school Christmas (Raia singing)
  • December 25, January 7, 8--church Christmas services; our girls will be singing with the children's choir and playing instrumental pieces, too.
  • Date ?--Jaan and Raia: music school New Year concert for ensemble
  • January 13 and 14--Phyllis: banquets for Tsyurupinsk nannies
Yesterday Asya left home at 10:00 for classes followed by practices and didn't get home until after 5:00!

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Baba Julie said...

Beautiful picture of Asya! Wow! Y'all have a lot going on! All fun, but we'll be praying for everyone's stamina and that you all stay well!! And, somehow, I didn't realize that Asya was playing FLUTE!! What a great instrument!! (I think I thought it was recorder, but they're cousins, anyway.) Is she enjoying it? So wish we could be together for the Holidays! But, we are blessed that Abby will be home and are grateful for that. Love to you all!!