Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Waiting in stillness

I have really been enjoying this Advent song. Maybe it's because of that key word stillness, which is such a rare thing around here. I have a lovely moment of Advent stillness right now, though. The electricity has been off all day. In the late afternoon, it is already feeling quite dark. Asya is at music school, Jaan at church practicing piano until his theater group gathers. Raia and Bogdan ran out to the store for a few things. So, I am the only one at home. (Gasp.) I lit the Advent candles early, and found a few more candles to add to that little bit of light. I listened to this song and just soaked up the quiet. And I wrote this much... Then the power came on and my two blond children came home. Now we can work on our Advent paintings (and make dinner), since we have light again.


Mom said...

Thankful for the refreshment of a blessed quiet moment...also the electricity so you could prepare dinner. Love to each precious one.

Baba Julie said...

Yes, you have to take those moments when you can, right? And, it reminds me of that verse, "Be still and know that I am God"! I have to stop myself and do just that, many times! Praying for and love each of you!