Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sunday School and Christmas Camp

Anya, Bogdan's beloved Sunday school teacher, posted these two darling photos with him in them:

Take note of the paper he's clutching in the second picture. That's an invitation to Christmas day camp. I had several of those papers lying around, and I had registered the girls a while ago. The camp is for school-aged kids, though, so of course I didn't register Bogdan. After Sunday school he told me about some place that he was going. He was very excited about it, but he couldn't remember what it was called. When I tried to question him, he just insisted that Anya had said he was going, and that's that!

Then, Monday evening when I was talking to our girls about getting ready for camp the next day, he remembered. Camp! That's where he was going! So, I quickly called Anya, and she said that, yes, he's too young, but he can come anyway. Anya hadn't specifically said that he was going, but she did make an announcement about it, and all the kids got invitations, no matter what age. Bogdan took that to mean that she was personally inviting him. He's a very happy little camper now that we have that all straightened out, and he's included.

(Yesterday I took the kids to church, came back, poured myself a cup of coffee and started to write this... and got a call saying that Raia was sick. I went back for her--it took forever to get a taxi to bring her home--and got her settled in bed here, then went out with Jaan in the pouring rain-snow-slush to buy presents for his sisters. I picked Asya and Bogdan up on the way home from shopping. So, the first day flew by. I was looking forward to three quiet days, so hopefully at least today and tomorrow will go a bit more smoothly. Raia seems to be fine already now; they think it was mild food poisoning.)


Mom said...

Amidst the busyness, I am very thankful you take time to share your doings with us. Wishing you a quiet day. Much love!

Baba Julie said...

Yes, I do hope you have some time to relax, Phyllis! You have a very busy schedule, keeping up with four, precious children! And, you do it so well! We keep you all in our prayers and love you all!!