Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Two more concerts

Yesterday was Asya's first-ever concert! The music school used the church auditorium in order to have room for everyone. (The church really wants to help the community, so all the schools around use it.) I was there for the whole concert, of course, Jaan ran in from theater practice to join me, and we got Bogdan out of art class for Asya's song, so in the end her whole family heard her.

Lined up to go on stage

Group photo afterwards

Talking to her teacher
Asya with her special guest

At the same time as Asya's concert, Raia had one at the music school. Will made videos of Raia's concert from the back of the room, holding the camera above his head, so they're very shaky. But, if you want, you can listen, and just look at these stills that I pulled out of them (video links under photos). Afterwards she and Will hurried over to the church and made it in time to hear Asya.

Three piglets
Playing with her teacher
Ded Moroz
Had I mentioned that Raia helped decorate the church? Here are a few photos of how that turned out:


Mom said...

Beauty on many levels: the photo of Asya's happy face at the conclusion of her concert, the relationship that brought your special guest to hear the music, the beautiful decorations made from simple materials, the love of a family that works hard to support each member. Thank you for sharing. What a delight it is to see these precious faces! We love you.

Baba Julie said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures of a beautiful time of year and life! I love that Asya is playing the recorder! What a special instrument! So happy that you were all able to hear her in concert. And, the church Raia helped to decorate... splendid! The "Three Piggies" were so cute! Was there a special significance to that? Lovely piggies there were!! (: We're so proud of all of them and so happy that they have these amazing opportunities to be involved in the Arts. We know these are things that will last for a life time and that the Lord will use for many years! Love to each of you!!

Phyllis said...

You asked before, and I didn't answer. Sorry! Recorder is just the first year of flute. She's actually studying flute.