Monday, December 19, 2016

One down. How many to go?

The first concert of the season--by students of Jaan's piano teacher and one other teacher--went off without a hitch, except that the electricity was off. That made a very romantic atmosphere.

This first photo isn't of our children, but it shows the feel of the concert, with the teacher in the background reading music with a flashlight. (Our camera did well with gathering more light than was actually there.)

Raia took part, too, because so many of Jaan's fellow students are sick. She was playing a duet with Jaan anyway.

Jaan played two pieces by himself. This is my favourite of the two:
Bending way over to see the keys in the dark, poor kid!

He also played a duet with Raia, as I already said, and another with his teacher. This is just a short part of the one with his teacher:
Then, as is their tradition, Ded Moroz/St. Nikolai made an appearance. (Today is St. Nikolai's day.) The kids especially loved it, because it was the other piano teacher inside the costume, and she did a great job playing it all up, instead of simply giving out the presents like sometimes in the past. And like Raia said, we had never seen Ded Moroz in high heels before!

The power came on very soon after the concert ended, when we were still standing around talking and snacking.

Photos with Jaan's teacher:
The students
Plus siblings
Two concerts tomorrow...


Baba Julie said...

EXCELLENT!! BRAVO, Jaan!! Please give him our congratulations on a job well done!! Love to each of you!!

Mom said...

Such impressive advancement in skill! While I was watching and listening, Grandda was in the kitchen and could hear the music from there. He could hardly believe that Jaan could be playing so well.

Love to each precious one.