Saturday, December 10, 2016

Clearing out the camera

I haven't taken photos off of our camera for a while. Let's see what it's holding....
It looks like mostly Advent.

I see that I've gotten a good photo of each child lighting the candles, except for Asya. It's her turn to light them tonight, so--note to self!--I need to get a photo of her.

Asya starting her Advent painting
Singing with friends (English fellowship at our house!)

Raia's rat, Martin, had his birthday. You might remember that he and his siblings were born two years ago on December 1.* Raia really wanted to make a cheesecake and celebrate. So, we did.

He liked the cheesecake!

Raia working on Advent art
Advent songs

We saw this shirt in the window of the nearest second hand store and bought it, since it was Asya's size: "I  My Hamster."

Bogdan working on Advent art

On Thursday Jaan and I were the only ones home for most of the evening, so he painted with me. This is a very rare treat. His "Refiner's Fire" turned out incredibly! I need to get a photo of the final result.

Jaan's Advent art in progress
Papa and his baby girl
She was complaining that he's too small.

*Can it be that I didn't blog about that?! I only find one photo, and it's not even of the real Martin. Not long after Raia bought "Martin," she woke us up one night to tell us that "he" had babies! The five little rats spent most of that month with us, then we returned them and their mother to the store. All except Martin. Martin has lived and thrived with us since then. He's two years old now.  This was back when he was a tiny baby. (Jaan looks like a baby there, too.)

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Baba Julie said...

What great pictures, Phyllis! So glad Martin enjoyed his birthday! (; And, the children lighting the advent candles - so priceless. I also like very much Raia saying that Will is too little!! She's growing fast, that one! (They all are!) So sweet, each one. Thank you for sharing!! Love to each of you!!