Saturday, July 08, 2006

Happy Birthday, Yulia!

We all went out to the woods for a picnic to celebrate Yulia's birthday today. Baby Nikita-Maksim (they still haven't decided) even made an appearance! He's so tiny and cute. I took tons of pictures, and I hope to get to the internet center to post some of them sometime soon.

(There seems to be some confusion about our computer situation. Our computer is not working. We sent it home with Abby, and hopefully Dad will be able to save the information on it, before having it fixed on warranty. I've been able to get our old computer running to the point that we can send and receive email, but nothing else: no word processing, no photos, no internet. Anyway, we're thankful for the email connection! Please pray that our good computer will be fixed and returned to us as soon as possible, and that the information on it won't be lost.)

I won't say anything more than that we had a wonderful day. Jaan was thrilled that the berries are finally ripe, and he happily wandered around picking them. Plus, he got to play with all of his friends. Raia was utterly fascinated with the baby. She and I just sat by him and watched him sleep most of the time. We took the last bag of marshmallows in the city of Kovrov and had s'mores again with everyone. Our exhausted children just fell into bed, so it's nice and quiet here now. . . .


BabaJulie said...

Hi, Phyllis! I am happy to say that your good computer was mailed to your dad yesterday and should arrive by Tues. Hopefully, it will be back to you before too long!

And, I'm so thrilled to hear that Nikita Maxsim made it to the party! I remember how tiny I thought Will looked and look how big he turned out to be!! (:

We got a call this morning from the nursing home and it seems Pop fell going to the bathroom. He is alright, but that certainly is a scary thought when you consider he is supposed to go home and be able to do everything by himself this coming Wed! Please keep praying!! Love to all!

Shannon said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!! I'm so glad that you were able to have a fun day in the woods after the crazy last few weeks! Praise God for the "escape"! I think Jaan would like to pick the berries we have here too...the strawberries are ripe and yummy. Kiss your children for me!
Love, Shae

Space Potato said...

I have the computer. Last evening I tried all of my tricks. Nothing. Tomorrow, I am going to try the refrigerator trick. If that doesn't work, I'm taking it to the best tech I know in this area. He has done some incredible saves for some of my customers in the past. Let's get those prayers going. All I need is for that drive to mount for ten minutes, and I can save the important data.