Saturday, July 22, 2006


Shouldn't the mother be the one imagining that her child is a prodigy? Why is it that I can't hear Raia talking? To me, she just babbles and maybe says Mama or Papa every once in a while. To everyone else, she's talking. When we're outside, she says what sounds to me like "ga," and all my friends say, "Ooo, she just said Jaan/sky/kitty/etc.!" Or she says "ba," and it has some other clear meaning to everyone at church. Will even hears words from her.

Oh, well! She will be talking before we know it. Already she waves at appropriate times, signs "milk" and "please," and says "Da!" with very emphatic nods. And I must admit all of this is incredibly cute.


Mom said...

Even just with pictures, we can see her personality shining brightly....I would imagine Jaan really comprehends her language.

Much love....

BabaJulie said...

After all, Phyllis, she's speaking 3 languages!! So, maybe you are just not interpreting in that particular language!! (I also think she is a prodigy, of course!) (: Hugs and Kisses!!