Thursday, July 06, 2006


I don't know what to say, except PRAY. We did get to see Tanya last night. She cried the whole time. (So did I.) At least now Pasha can reach through the little window and hold her hand. They're not really doing anything for the baby in the hospital, and Pavel is trying to convince her just to leave, but she's afraid to. Pray that those bilirubin numbers would come down!

Beyond the fact that Tanya is miserable, can't be with her baby, and is in a terrible situation, the city's abandoned babies are in there with her baby. She asked us to bring diapers for them, and told how she had called for a nurse to take care of one of them because he was crying; the only response was, "Let him cry." I knew that Russian hospitals keep abandoned babies, usually in very sad conditions; Susan had written about them in her city, and so had our friends in Mozhaisk. Somehow, knowing that they're right there on the other side of that locked door makes it so much more real and painful, though.

On to other subjects. . .
Will and Ivan are taking Abby and Linda to Moscow today, to see them off at the airport. Wait, that's sad news, too. Please pray for safe travels. It was wonderful to have Abby here with us and to see Linda! We're so glad that they were able to work with the children here again this year.

Anna had a few days in Melenki, and last night we heard that she was in Murom, at least for an overnight. Her camp time is drawing to a close. I think maybe she's headed to Viazniki for a little while next. She'll probably visit our friends Jon and Carrie while we have camp here, and then she'll be back to spend some time with us.


BabaJulie said...

Hi, Phyllis - Won't they let Tanya hold the other babies at all? Maybe she could be of help to them. I guess the philosophy is the same that we heard from Mrs. Sullivan - they did not want them to hold the babies because then they would cry for the mother's arms! It is so sad... We are praying for Tanya and her baby to get out of there!!

And, thank you so much for all you've done for Abby while she's been with you!! You and Will are so good to take care of all of us Americans as we come to camp or to visit. We appreciate you!! Please let me know when you hear from Will that Abby has gotten off safely. (You know mothers worry!) Love you all!

Mom said...

Oh, Honey....I don't even know what to say, but we ARE praying.

Shannon said...

Maybe it's more emotional for me because it's so close to home, but oh, your posts have made me cry. We are praying!! P--what are bilirubin levels?