Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Quick baby update and more

He is with Tanya during the days, and he's eating well from a bottle. Praise the Lord! There was a chance that he would be able to go home yesterday, but no one had written in his chart yet that he's eating, so they couldn't release him. And today he has a little bit of jaundice, so it looks like there are going to move him to the hospital tomorrow after all. Pavel and Tanya need prayer; they're pretty discouraged with how this is dragging out.

A group of us did go "visit" Tanya after church on Sunday. That is, we went over and waved and yelled up to her third-floor window. I'm so happy that the baby is finally with her! She held him up, but all we could see was a little bundle of blankets. Pavel said, "At least we know that he really exists."

Please pray for Pavel and Tanya, and especially that baby would learn how to nurse. Also, pray that his bilirubin levels would go down, so that maybe by some miracle he could come home instead of going to the hospital.

Our family update is that we're very happy to have Will home! Now he just has to readjust to life without mosquitoes buzzing around and let his poor face heal up. He came in last night with Abby and Natasha, another girl who had been working at camp. We saw Natasha off this morning, and Abby has been packing for her trip home, too.


amazing journeys said...

Great to know Will's finally home! :) And praise the Lord that the baby is with Tanya now!

Lots of blessings,

Mom said...

Thanks for the update...we keep praying.

We know you are glad to have Will home. When does Abby fly out?

BabaJulie said...

Hi! Yes, it's always good to have the updates! So glad that Will as at home and no longer fighting mosquitoes or the sun!! It's wonderful that it finally cooled down, too! Give Abby our love and tell her that we can't wait for her to get home!! Love to Anna, too, next time you talk to or see her!! And, love to you all!!