Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another gift

828. This whole day seemed like a special gift. Every day is a gift, but this one seemed extra special. To start with, it was just beautiful. When we went down to the creek this morning, we saw goldfinches. Then, I saw a tiger swallowtail laying eggs on the lowest branch of a tulip poplar. I couldn't believe it! Their lowest branches are usually almost too high to see, but this one was almost within reach. I sent the children off to ask Will to help us get the eggs. As soon as they walked off, Asya and I saw a possum ambling towards us! She got excited, like when she sees a cat or dog, so it noticed us and stopped. It was already so close, though! Then it turned and slowly walked off. When Will, Jaan and Raia got there, we followed where the possum had gone, and found a deep den. And that was just the morning. . . .
(Not my photo; click on it to go to where it came from.)