Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today's find

We are really, really enjoying the spring weather. . . and the creek! Our days usually include morning time at the creek. Then, we come up for lunch. The children shed their wet, muddy clothes at the door. By the time lunch and naps are over, the clothes are dry and ready for another dip. Sometimes Asya goes with us and sleeps along the way. The morning she fell asleep before we left. She didn't miss out too much, though, because we brought our best find back for her and Will to see.

We moved it to the light from the skylight to get a better photo. That worked fine for an individual shot of the crayfish. All the pictures of us observing it just look like we're staring into a bright light. That is, all except this one:

(In case you hadn't noticed our prayer requests and the countdown over to the side here: we bought tickets! Please pray that our visas will get here before May 1!)


Lindy said...

I can't imagine a better way to spend a warm spring day. Our weather is finally warming up and the mud is drying up. The chickens are out most days and the worms are feeding them well. It looks like such an ideal spot to spend spring. Good luck with the visas, I know the timing of these things can be worrisome.
Love, Aunt Lindy

Mrs said...

Praying for visas and resting in His perfect timing for all things!

How wonderful to have an extended summer. I don't know much about the Ukraine, but I know Russia meant snow and cold!

Anonymous said...

Boy! That crayfish REALLY looks big in that first picture!! And, the second picture with Asya is incredible! What a shot! Lots of love! Baba Julie

Agape said...

I can't believe you are off again in 13 days!! You don't let any grass grown under your feet! I am so happy to see the delightful photos of your children enjoying themselves in your current location. Praying for God's will to be done and for you all to be happy and healthy! Thank you again for the links to the two blogs- I am enjoying the very, very much!

Phyllis said...

We "don't let any grass grow under our feet"? It sure seems like it's been a long time! :-)