Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More Barmalei

I wrote about Barmalei before. Yesterday Jaan was eating crackers. He told me that he was a crocodile, "and this cracker is Barmalei. Then, when I throw him back up, it will be just like in the story!"

He's not throwing up today, though. Hurrah!

Will said that this photo should be labeled, "How Jaan deals with Rotavirus. . ."

He disorients it!
This photo was taken just after he had been sick. His bucket is right behind him. But he really wanted to stand on his head!


Anonymous said...

Why does that not surprise me??? Children seem to take illness in stride when they are not feeling downright TERRIBLE!! Poor Jaan!! I hope he's completely over this thing VERY SOON!!!

Oh! Oh! I met two Babas and a Deyadushka from the Ukraine in Aldi's yesterday! They could speak almost NO English and we had a wonderful time, trying to talk to one another! They go to Bible Baptist in Matthews. As we were leaving, Baba Nadia thought and thought and finally said, "All the best to you"!!! Love, Baba Julie

Mom said...

And Asya appears quite impressed.

Love and prayers....

Stephanie in AR said...

My Zach has had that same bucket following him around for a few days too. He left it near the garden when he helped plant beans. Little Missey sits up stable for short amounts of time then suddenly pitches over-she has bumped her head a lot lately. I didn't realize it was time for that until we had our visit to the specialist (there are so many bigger kids to hold her she was upright but not no her own). She is comando crawling with some up in the air and when she goes from crawling into a sitting (kinda sideways) then she is more stable. She also tends to go back to her tummy when tired instead of pitching over. I had wondered if you used the binky too when I saw the sandbox picture. :)

Mrs said...

Continued prayers for health and wellness!

It's so amazing to see God working towards getting you to the Ukraine. How wonderful to trust Him fully in all things!