Friday, April 11, 2008


The only way a servant can remain true to God is to be ready for the Lord's surprise visits. This readiness will not be brought about by service, but through intense spiritual reality, expecting Jesus Christ at every turn. This sense of expectation will give our life the attitude of childlike wonder He wants it to have.
-Oswald Chambers

(Thanks, Elizabeth!)
This list is all about those "surprise visits."

829. Delicate bouquets of spring wildflowers
830. The color green
831. A husband who pulls over on the side of the road to get wisteria for me

832. Happy, healthy children, playing together well
833. Baby asleep in my arms; she already doesn't do that so often anymore
834. Pussy willows (and the kind heart that thought of calling around to different florists to find them for me)
835. Thunderstorm! "The heavens display the glory of God. . ."
836. Pink shirts with butterflies for both Raia and me
837. Quiet house during naptime
838. Redbuds

839. White star-flowers, carpeting the ground down by the creek (I just found out they're called spring beauties; how appropriate!)
840. Our nests: bluebirds out front, Carolina wrens in the back, chickadees in the bird house

Bluebird eggs

839. The daily rounds to check the nests
840. Little boy with muddy bottom, sneakers full of water, happy face