Friday, April 11, 2008

Tickets, tickets, tickets

I actually had some kind of vague dream about plane tickets last night.

The good, fun, happy news is that the children and I have tickets to go to Jenna's wedding in Florida the last week of April! We heard about an airline that has really cheap, direct flights Greensboro-Sanford, so we're going! We'll leave Will behind to a few quiet days of actually getting something done.

The complicated, frustrating, but also good news is that we're working on tickets to Ukraine. Want to hear why I was seeing tickets in my sleep last night? Keep reading. Here are the options that we're looking at now:
  • Really cheap tickets to Kiev on May 1 or 5, with a Christian travel agency. That leaves us in Kiev, though, which is still an overnight train trip from where we want to end up.
  • That agency could also get us tickets to the international airport that is closest to the Sobies (our friends of friends, who are going to help us), but they're more expensive and involve an overnight in Vienna.
  • Really expensive tickets, bought online, going to that international airport.
  • The first tickets I mentioned, plus buying the last leg on our own through a Ukrainian travel agency, having those tickets delivered to Pasha's cousin in Kiev, and asking him to bring them to us at the airport in Kiev. That would actually land us in Zaporozhya (there's a domestic airport there), if it works!
Okay, maybe that doesn't sound too bad, reading it. Still, add to it that we can only guess when our visas will be ready, but we want Will to be able to get to and from Russia with our belongings before May 10. So, we don't want to be too cautious and push the date back, but we also don't want to jump ahead and get tickets for before we have visas. (If we went with the tickets for May 5th, we would get to Kiev on the 6th, Zaporozhya on the 7th, and then Will would still have to find a van and driver, and do all the traveling, before his Russian visas runs out on the 10th!) It's really not bothering me, which is an answer to prayer, but I do kind of feel like my head is spinning from all the complications and options. It's a completely unstressful kind of spinning, though.

I wrote a prayer request yesterday asking that we'd be able to get good travel dates. Please pray for all these details!


Mom said...

Thank you so much for giving us the more complete version; it helps to know the options/details as we pray. No wonder visions of tickets are dancing through your dreams!

Much love....

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling! I have things dancing in my dreams, as well, when I am at work on a thing. Too bad it couldn't be visions of sugar plums, huh? We are praying!! Exciting news about the trip to FL!! I'll bet some grandparents are very excited!! (: Love, Julie