Thursday, April 24, 2008

The ongoing list

809. Gifts being recognized by my children:
"Mama, I'm so glad we found a crayfish today. I really wanted to."
"Well, had you told God that?"
"Yes! So that means he gave us this one, especially for me!"

810. A skink stuck between the steps to our deck, which meant that I saw a wildly squirming, bright blue tail and pair of legs as I approached (it slipped through soon after)
811. Asya looks like a cherub in a Renaissance painting; I love this one, that I just discovered!
812. A chance to wash muddy little feet
813. Dogwood at night
814. Randomly reading blogs (a rare thing for me) and happening across an old friend! I thought she sounded familiar, and then I realized that I knew her.
815. VISAS HERE EARLY! Grace to trust and wait is also a gift, but this was a special gift just for me. It's so nice not to be fighting off worry this time.
816. Lightning bugs and the look of wonder on a four-year-old's face when he sees them for the first time
817. Going on a family night walk to look for rabbits
819. Asya's commentary as we walk
820. The evening light, in between little rain showers
821. Rocking chairs, recliners, gliders: American luxuries that I hadn't enjoyed with a baby of mine before
822. Peanut butter and chocolate candies, peanut better and chocolate cookies, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream
823. The luxury of a washer AND dryer
824. All kinds of special foods delivered to "Dad's Country Store," free for us
825. Bluets (I just discovered that they're called)
826. A yellow-throated warbler, singing and putting on a show just off our deck