Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dacha improvements

Will has been busy working at our dacha, getting it to the point where we can spend nights there.  He also worked all day Monday with a friend from church to cut a hole in the wall and put in a gate and stairs, instead of the ladder entrance.  The former owner had started digging for that, but never got any farther with it.  Will and Petya finished where he had started.  Yesterday we all went out to see his hard work.

First, look at how pretty the road out there is.  Can you see all the trees blooming?  They look white in real life!

"The White Way of Delight"

Opening the new gate

The new stairs

At the top

And then inside the house:
The new "bedroom"

Bunk beds, almost done!


Mom said...

Hooray for Will! I do hope you can begin to spend more time there. Much love....

Matt said...

That's great! The stairs looks nice and I am sure they are a vast improvement from the ladder :)

Baba Julie said...

Wonderful work, Will!! All that taking apart and putting back together paid off!! (: You've always been so good at picturing what needs to be done and doing it! Looks great! Love you all! Mom

Julie said...

Hey! What book are you reading? And I really like the eggs. Hugs.