Friday, April 10, 2009

Plans for Holy Week

Our preparations for celebrating the Resurrection are picking up speed around here.  I've had a list going in my mind, and I need to get it written down.  These are the preparations and then the stories for each day:
  • Thursday - make tomb and finish up Easter garden (We've been gathering and adding plants for a while.)
  • Friday - varnish tomb, finish making little people  (I should have brought over a pack of pipe cleaners!)
  • Saturday - story of Lazarus (I know it doesn't fit with the chronology of the life of Christ, but this is traditionally Lazarus Saturday.  It will be fun to play the story with the tomb that we've made, before we put it in the garden.)
  • Sunday - triumphal entry
  • Monday - cleansing of the temple
  • Tuesday - Jesus annointed
  • Wednesday - Last Supper (Again breaking up the chronology, but Thursday's events are too much to cover at once, and I want them to hear this before we go to church on Thursday.)
  • Thursday - garden of Gethsemane
  • Friday - crucifixion
  • Saturday - waiting, mourning
  • Sunday - HE IS RISEN!

For more about what we're doing during Holy Week, read the Easter section of Treasuring God in our Traditions or this article, and this.

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