Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Gratitude Basket

I haven't listed for a while. At least, I haven't done it "out loud."  
Visualize the new you [the thankful one!], with your Gratitude Basket over your arm, walking up the steps to the throne of God.  The Holy One smiles and gently says, "My daughter, I see that you brought me the offering of your gratitude.  I love that!  Show me what's in your basket."  You pull out your thankful list, and as you pull, you're surprised at how it's grown.  Your list is growing, and you are growing.  Gratitude is becoming a part of you!
--Satisfy My Thirsty Soul by Linda Dillow, page 142
651. Jaan and Raia trying to put a tulip back together after its petals fell off
652. All of Asya's "babies" and her excitement over them; I didn't teach her to love bugs, but she's certainly a girl after my own heart.
653. A new book to read and really think deeply about
654. A drop of water in the center of a lupine leaf
655. The cherry tree, blooming at our dacha
656. Wilty flowers for Papa, held tightly in Asya's hand
657. Spring rain
658. The green after the rain
659. An incredible walk, when we saw pheasants, a squirrel, a swallowtail and so much more
660. Another walk, when we really didn't see much of anything, but had a wonderful time together
661. A hedgehog sunning itself in the park
662. Babushki who give us homemade kulich and incredibly beautiful eggs

663. This list (I'm sure I've said that before, but today I really enjoying looking back over it and remembering more than a year of gifts and gratitude for them.)
664. Dacha days
665. All the flowers (My thankful list was made up of flowers this time last year, too. )
666. Especially red tulips (our very own!)

667. The joy of the Easter season
669. ...for the actual fact of that,
670. ...and for people who greet me that way