Monday, April 06, 2009


We're busy and happy, but there's nothing big going on these days. I just through I'd post our usual weekly schedule, for those who like details. It's not all flowers and butterflies and dacha days here.   Someday I'll get Will to write one of his rare updates about the other parts of life.  I just don't see much of that side of things myself.  Here's what his usual week looks like:
  • Monday: Day off! (some Monday evenings: English and Ukrainian lessons for Lena and me)
  • Tuesday evening: church leadership meeting
  • Wednesday evening: youth Bible study/prayer meeting (Will leads.)
  • Thursday evening: choir practice
  • Friday: free for preparation, running errands and whatever else needs to be done
  • Saturday evening: youth fellowship (Will leads.)
  • Sunday morning: church, of course  (Will often preaches.)
  • Sunday afternoon: hospital and shut-in visits
  • Sunday evening: video seminar

And then there are extras, like last week a babushka from church died.  We didn't even know her, but she didn't have any relatives, so Will helped with digging her grave, doing the funeral, carrying the coffin and everything.  Now is the time for spring projects and cleanup, and Will's going to be painting at the church today.  Those are the kinds of things that fill his days.

Now, back to the regular program of cute children exploring the world around them. . . .


Laura :) said...

I have often wondered what Will does each day. It isn't often we get a glimpse into "a day in the life." Very interesting. Things are so different over there!

Laura T. :)

Baba Julie said...

That's a great way to put it... "A Day in the Life". I like that! And, it does give us a good picture. Thanks for that. We can pray more specifically! Love you all!