Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A birthday and before the wedding

Raia's ONE! It some ways it seems like she has grown out of being a baby already, and in some ways she's still such a baby. I've noticed that her play is much more toddler-ish, and she's really trying to communicate, but she also just wants Mama to hold her almost all the time right now. We love her so much, and we're so thankful for her! We're going to have fun celebrating her today. As I write this, the birthday girl is asleep, and Jaan is carefully wrapping and decorating her present.

A few minutes ago I gave Jaan some cherries and told him to eat them carefully, because they have seeds in them. When I realized that he didn't quite understand, I asked, "Jaan, where are the seeds?" His answer was that he had very carefully eaten them!

Now, more pictures leading up to the wedding. . . .
Getting dressed:

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. . . and Jaan
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Family photo
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I know it's not great, but most of the day was too busy to get all four of us together long enough for a picture.

Jaan and his friend
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(No, she wasn't the flower girl. Jaan just really liked her!)

Oh, it turned out that Will just got Abby a temporary registration here, so they didn't go to Vladimir yesterday. He took her out to dinner instead.


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday,Raia! Have a wonderful day celebrating.
I can't believe how quickly our babies are growing. We notice the same thing in Caleb, more like a toddler but still like a baby. They are little blessings!

BabaJulie said...

Oh, how sweet!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RAIA! What a beautiful dress Raia has on!! Where did you get that one? And, Jaan looks like a little doll, too! What a cute picture with his "girlfriend"! Who is she? And, what a wonderful little chapel you all are in standing in front of! I hope Anna got some more of the 4 of you. That one looked very nice, just not so clear. And, do you think Jaan could now grow cherry trees in his belly? (That's what I used to tell my kids!)Lots of hugs and kisses to all my children (that includes grandchildren) in Russia!!

Mom said...

Precious Little Raia Flower, Happy Birthday! We think of you with great love and celebrate the blessing you are to this family.

Wishing we could smother you with kisses--Grandda and Baba

A day in the life... said...

Happy Birthday Precious Heavenly Baby!!! These pictures are just beautiful Phyllis! - I didn't even realize there was a Luthern church in Moscow - beautiful building! I love the pic of Jaan eating cake - you can certainly tell he's Will's son :)

BabaJulie said...

That's the truth about the "cake eating" picture, Day in the Life! He certainly is Will's son!! I love the tummy, too!

Lindy said...

Happy Birthday Raia! I opened my calendar today and saw your name, how quickly the year went by. I hope I get to see you in person before you're all grown up. Jaan looked very debonair in his suit. Have a great day.
Love, Aunt Lindy

Mimi said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Raia! Many Years!

amazing journeys said...

Поздравляем с Днем Рожденья, желаем счастья в личной жизни. Пух (Джим, Оля и Кристианчик) :)

Have a wonderful birthday Raya! You sure are a great blessing to your Mommy and Daddy and to even those whom you've never met! God's richest blessings to you!

Lisa (agape) said...

Happy Birthday Raia! May God grant you Many Years!

Phyllis Raia and Jaan are just precious! I loved the pictures. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday celebration!!

I love that Jaan "carefully" at the pits! LOL That's an Amelia Bedelia moment!