Thursday, June 15, 2006

Birthday and wedding pictures (finally!) and an Anna update

(Have you all noticed that I'm writing you really L-O-N-G posts? Aren't you grateful? )

We had a wonderful Raia Day yesterday. In the afternoon we went for a walk. Raia and Jaan had to take along the big balloons that Will had bought for them. Then we came back and made salad for supper. After supper Jaan gave Raia the present that he had wrapped for her, and then he opened it for her. They also opened the presents that the Charlotte Hunsuckers sent and thoroughly enjoyed them. Thank you Baba and Danna! The last event was blowing out the candle on the pie. Again, Raia had help from her big brother.

The one-year-old (and the two-year-old)
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Enjoying the walk?
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Now for a few wedding pictures. I know there aren't many, but you'll have to be satisfied for now.

Ring bearer
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. . . and his sister
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During the ceremony
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Please pray for Anna. Here is her most recent update:
June 14
For the third year in a row, I'm sick at camp. I don't know what it is about Russia- there must be some mighty big germs here. I haven't had a sinus infection since last year when I was here, and here it is again. I literally feel like my head is going to explode. Not a good feeling. I'm pretty miserable.

As usual, things have shifted from the "expected" to the unexpected. Instead of doing day camps, as we did last year, we're doing regular camps in five different towns. I'm in Vladimir, the capital city of the region where my brother's family lives. We have fifteen kids at our five day camp. I'm a counselor this year, which means that I'm in a room of girls, and get no privacy. =-) A little challenging when you're sick, but the other counselors have been so helpful- sending me to rest during sports and games.

So far, it looks like we might not have to stay at a hotel every third night, like we did last year. Hopefully, nothing will change. I'm going to stop there for now. Sorry this is so short, but my nose is running down my face! Anna


BabaJulie said...

Ohhhhhh!!! Those are PRECIOUS!! Jaan and Raia look like a little Will and (what I think of as) a little Leetra sitting there!! What an adorable picture!! And, the ring bearer and his sister!! Ooooo! I have such beautiful grandchildren!! (Oh! So do Phil and Kathy! (: ) Lots of Love!!

Mom said...

Being grateful for every word you take time to write in the midst of incredibly busy times, I have noticed the long posts and thank you profusely. And that first photo--It's worthy of a portrait studio. If we could someday get a print, I would be very appreciative.

Our prayers continue for each of you and for Anna and camp. Much love--

Anna said...

Sooo cute- I wish I had been there! I'm glad Abby got to spend the special day with you, though.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to Raia!!! I can't believe that she is really one year! How time flies! She looks very Russian in her "wedding" dress with her ruffles and lace. =)

Sarah said...

The pics are so precious! I love the brother and sister pose!!! :-)

Hope your summer travels continue to go smooth!

I finally caved in and started a blogger since so many I knew were over here too. :O)