Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer schedule

Please don't expect to hear from us quite as often for the next little while. We're pretty busy! And even if we're not busy with travel or ministry, the summer weather is calling us outside.

We would appreciate your prayers now, as Will is trying to finish up Gospelink work, and then for this busy season in general.

Here are some of our plans for the summer:
June 8-11: In Moscow for Nathan and Masha's wedding
June 11: Coming back out here with the American camp helpers, Anna and Abby (Will's sisters), Linda and Elizabeth (from MN)
June 12: first day of camp for these two regions (We don't yet know where we'll be, or how involved.)
June 14: Raia's first birthday!
June 19-23: day camp here (date changed)
June 25-July 3: helping with a camp in Sudogda (just Will or all of us?)
July 10-15: Kovrov day camp!
July 15: last day of camp?
July 16-28: Dean's visit; Will will be traveling with him for as least part of that time.
July 21-24: Will and Dean in Pskov
July 25-28: National Church Conference in Bryansk
August 1: Anna leaves (She'll be the last of the guests.)
August ?: visa trip (Now it will probably be September before we go anywhere.)

If you're interested in knowing where the places I talk about are, I posted maps last year. Of course, they're just local, and Bryansk is a little farther away, but at least you can find the cities that are having camps.


Mom said...

Thank you so much for the schedule; it helps us immensely. Love you alll....

BabaJulie said...

Hi, Phyllis! I know you are praying for us as we get ready to send our girls your way! We will certainly be praying for you all during this extremely busy season! Love to all!

amazing journeys said...

Wow, sounds like the summers in Russia never change - they are always the busiest :) Hey, do you guys want to come to Slovenia for your visa renewal?! The Russian Embassy here is very nice and friendly. We could pick you up at any airport around to make it cheaper for you. Give it a thought :)

E & S said...

Prayng for you Phyllis! Our itinerary for summer is crazy too. Keep your perseverance and joy through the hectic schedule as there is so much to be gained in the Kingdom of Heaven through it all!

Mom said...

Does this mean you are going to Bryansk?

BabaJulie said...

Thanks, Phyllis! I hadn't looked at this in awhile. That gives me a better idea of what you all are doing! Love!

Stuart Cook said...

Will and Phyllis,
Seems everything is connected. We didn't get to visit much at Nathan's wedding, but I met Andrey and Ludmila and then their sister, Evelina, who is in Waco, TX just 1.5 hours from us. Evelina and Kostya visited us a couple of weeks ago. I noticed that "Amazing Journals" comments on the Petrenko Family blog a lot, so I visited her site today and then found comments by Phyllis, which led me here.
Hope you all are having a good summer!

-- Stuart