Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two news items

First the good news: I talked to Tanya! She is feeling good and doing well. The baby seems healthy, but he is small (2.5 kgs), and because of that, she hasn't been allowed to be with him yet. They had him on an IV and oxygen yesterday. Today it's only oxygen. I'm really praying that she'll get to hold him and be with him soon. It makes me sad to think of him all alone there. They've told her maybe tomorrow. His name will probably be Maksim, but they don't want to decide until they can all be together as a family.

Now, the bad news: Our computer is dead. I got the old one running again, at least enough to write this, but I can't send or receive email. . . or do anything else. I've cried just thinking about the fact that we might have lost all our photos from the past few years. And the more pactical--but less emotional--problem is that all our addresses and phone numbers were on that computer, along with all kinds of other important information. PRAY!

(Thanks, Dad for all you've done to help!)


amazing journeys said...

Congratulations to Tanya and the family! Hope she can be with the baby really soon.
As far as the computer, if it's of any consolation, our PowerBook has "died" in the past, too, but recovered with all the info saved. Since then we're keeping copies of all pictures and important documents...Hope yours recovers... Keep us all posted...

Robin said...


Absolutely DON'T get rid of that computer. Just because the processor may have died, doesn't mean that the hard drive isn't intact.

Btw, when was the last time you opened it up and vacuumed the case out? If this has recently started happening and is intermittent, you may have a heat problem building up. The computer will work fine for a bit, until it starts to overheat. And then like a toddler who hasn't had a nap, it gets cranky.

1)Shutdown and unplug the computer.
2)Open it up and vacuum it out. If you don't have a vacuum, do the best job you can in cleaning all the dust out.
3)After that is done, look for a tiny little fan. Make sure that is not clogged with dust either.
4) Turn the computer back on (leave the case off). If the fan is NOT turning, it will have to be replaced. The fan is pointing right at the CPU. The CPU does not like to be hot.

IF overheating is the problem, and IF it has not overheated too much and started melting things, doing these steps may rescue your computer. At the very least your data should still be intact.

Email, make a blog comment, or send a message through Julie and we'll try to help you get it back up and running.


Robin said...

Btw, vacuuming out the computer should be a quarterly event, at a bare minimum annual.

Anonymous said...

I'd second the over-heating idea--hasn't the weather been very warm lately? and didn't it just start behaving badly again? Ours had an overheating problem that became more obvious as the weather heated up. We had dust and a dead fan.

Hope it is that simple...

Stephanie in AR

Space Potato said...

For all of you who love and respect Phyllis as an amazing Christian and mother and who are worried about Phyllis' computer, I have one thing to say, "DON"T PANIC!" She has three things going for her that you may not be aware of:
1. Her computer is a Macintosh laptop, not a PC. (Although they are much less prone to break down than the other kind, they do occasionally break.) Her problem does not appear to be with the CPU, it appears to be with the hard drive. Her computer is under warranty and will eventually get repaired. We are just trying to save the data on the hard drive first.
2. Before she was a mother or even married, Phyllis was a Certified Apple Tech and worked in a computer store. She knows computer maintenance.
3. Her Daddy is a Mac expert. He makes his living working on Macs and an occasional PC. He is coming out of convalescence to save the day. Keep those prayers going.

sarah said...

Praying for complete healing of your computer! Seriously, I understand the pressure as we have been through it too. Boy, your Dad doesn't like his Macs too much does he?! :-P (comment from an envious pc user)

BabaJulie said...

Hi! Do we know anymore about the baby and Tanya? Has the family been able to visit together yet? And, yes, we know about the MAC genes in this family, that's why we make no suggestions!! (Like we'd know what to suggest!! The Lancasters are our computer gurus around here!!! Praise the Lord for them, too!!!) Glad Phil is "up and running", too!! Love to all!

Robin said...

Yegads! It's a MAC! Sounds like a design problem! Consider converting to the true way before it's too late. (devilish grin) Sorry, Mr. Robertson, I just couldn't resist!

Phyllis said...

Yes, thank you for all your concern!

There's no new info on the baby. It was possible that they were going to let Tanay have him this morning, so that's what I've been praying for. Of course, his family hasn't been together! You can't let men and children into a birth hospital! They have germs. (Can you see me rolling my eyes?) They very earliest that they would be released is after six days, assuming all goes perfectly. Pavel and the girls did go over and yell up to Tanya's window. :-)