Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rewind: Abby's visit

I never did post many (or any at all?) photos with Abby. Here are some from the picnic at the Korneichuks when she was here:

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In the sandbox
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The children's "table"
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Can you tell how they're sitting? Jaan ("My face is CLEAN!") in the doll stroller, Katya on the tricycle seat, Mark on the bottom of the same tricycle, and Andrusha on another bike pushed right up against them. That's where they ate.

Jaan and Mark
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And here are two at home:

Bedtime story
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Making faces
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(This is when Raia finally decided that it was okay to interact with Aunt Abby.)

Today Anna and Abby are coming by for a little while!

Last night it was too hot in here, so we took our supper out to have a picnic in the woods. Jaan was thrilled to see that a herd of cows was grazing there. We followed them and talked to the cow herders for quite a while, and Will had to figure out how to drag Raia and the stroller cross-country through the forest. Jaan was very upset when we had to leave the cows. But then, as we were finishing our supper, they caught up with us again. Their owners asked Jaan if he wanted to work with them when he grows up, and his answer was a resounding, "DA!" So, now he has a new ambition in life. The whole way home he kept, "Where are my cows?"


amazing journeys said...

This is so sweet! And the pics are great! Hey, have you stopped by my blog lately? I posted some homeschooling questions that I'm sure you'd have some insights on! Don't worry about it if you're too busy. Any news on coming over? ;)

BabaJulie said...

Hi! Thanks for the pictures! Now I have proof that my youngest is really in Russia!! Why are Anna and Abby coming to Kovrov today? Are they helping with a camp there? How long will they stay and where will they go next? Why didn't they stay longer in Viazniki? (this is 20 questions!!)

So! My grandson will be a cowherder!! Well, it's a job! For that, we should be thankful!! (: Tell Jaan I said, Mooooo!! Love you all!

Phyllis said...

Olga, I've barely been online at all. I'll come visit your blog as soon as I have time. . . .

Baba Julie, have patience for a little longer. :-) Anna's working on a big, long email that will explain everything.