Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Finger painting

Yesterday was rainy, so we had a wild time of finger painting indoors. How on earth do they do that with big groups of children in preschools? Two was enough for me! We had a wonderful time, though.

Her first art project
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Jaan expresses his opinion
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I guess Will's genes have taken over in this boy. How could any child of mine be opposed to getting his hands dirty?

Once Raia was done painting, I carried them and the paint straight to the bathtub. Raia needed to be cleaned up anyway, and I thought Jaan might enjoy the paint there. Sure enough! The fun continued:

Artists at work
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She's a masterpiece!
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(Yes, she was drinking the water and blowing bubbles in it.)

A butterfly!
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So, he is my son after all? He pointed this painting out to me and said that it was a butterfly.


BabaJulie said...

Oh my!! It does look like great fun!! (It's fun with a class of 20, too! You just have paint everywhere!!)

The first thing I thought when I saw the "Jaan picture" was "Hangs! Hangs!" - what he would say at about 2 and a half anytime he got his hands dirty. He would have that same expression on his face and hold his hands up just like that!!! Unbelievable! And, the bathtub pictures are great!! Jaan is even built like Will at that age! (It's probably inconceivable that he could be Will's size someday...) And, she's a little butterball! Isn't it funny how different they can be? Lots of love!

Mom said...

I see the butterfly wings (of course). What a great series of photos! Thank you.

Loads of love....

Mimi said...

Of course, it looks like a butterfly!

Looks like fun

Shannon said...

So fun!! I wish I was there to share in the joy. Did you make the paint? I'm filing ideas for future reference. ;) We leave for camp tomorrow A.M. bright and early and I'll be gone until next Thursday. I'll be praying for you- please pray for me. It'll be interesting trying to fit in my afternoon nap... =)
Love and big fat kisses for the kiddos,

Phyllis said...

Baba Julie, I was thinking of the "Hangs!" story when I said that Jaan is taking after Will. :-)

Yes, Shae, I made the paint. I have a corn (or potato) starch recipe, but this time it was just flour and water. I am praying for you! I know all about naps at camp. . . there were always children running by screaming, "SHH! PHYLLIS IS SLEEPING."