Saturday, May 27, 2006

Still more from the garden

A very happy Phyllis
Originally uploaded by fylliska.

Everyone is teasing Will that he made our section look like a Russian cemetery.


BabaJulie said...

Hi, Phyllis - Just wanted to make sure you see my comments about Bernie's garden on yesterday's spot. I think it will be very pretty when it all comes up! Are you putting in plants? Are these the ones you were raising on your balcony? And, yes, it does look like a cemetary!! Love you all!!

Mom said...

Oh joy! What are you planting? You have your own section--how wonderful!! And it's my understanding that raised gardens allow the soil to warm more quickly and therefore push plants to grow faster (good nearly everywhere except FL where we fight to keep the soil cool so the plants don't die of extreme heat).

We are really enjoying the colors of flowers in Dad's butterfly garden this season: from hot pink penta to deep purple petunias, from red lantana and white impatiens to yellow and orange butterfly weed. One plant the butterflies seem to be greatly enjoying is the lipstick sage; its flowers change from bright red to clear white.

Love to each gardener...big and little.