Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Out of the mouth of Jaan

This morning I woke up a little stiff. Jaan watched me doing stretches, and as I bent over and stood up, he said, "Ooo, the crane is working!" (I told you that anything could be a crane to him!)

Last night we had pelmeni and peas for supper. According to Jaan, we ate малини и грех. Those who understand Russian should be laughing at that one!

Jaan has made up a new word: holdиться. When he wants me to pick him up, that's what he says. I guess it makes some kind of sense, when you combine Russian and English grammar.

(About the disappearing photo: You all are just too fast! I was in the middle of posting a bunch of photos. That was the only one that made it through, so I deleted it. I'll get them all up sometime, when we have everything in working order again.)


BabaJulie said...

Hi! Okay! Translate for those of us who don't read Russian!! And, yes, Anna did not believe me that there had been a picture there!! I think she thought I was hallucinating!! We'll look forward to seeing the rest when they're up!! And, Mama, the crane!! That's pretty good!! Love to all!!

Mom said...

With the vagaries of the English language wedded to the ornithology of Florida, I think of the elegant sandhill crane, stretching itself to full height. And I am certain a moving mechanical crane is as beautiful to Jaan as a sandhill crane is to a bird lover.

Unfortunately the Russian word plays are lost on me although I find it fascinating that he is applying Russian inflections to English verbs. Jaan demonstrates great understanding of the structure of the Russian language.

Much love to each one....