Monday, May 01, 2006

Enjoying God's creation

Quite a few of the cute photos I mentioned are of us enjoying the great outdoors. Between playing outside right around our home, building the Hunsucker Balcony Nature Preserve, and walks to the woods, we've been busy. Here's Raia, discoursing on the way a pine cone feels, looks, smells and, of course, tastes:

The young scientist
Originally uploaded by fylliska.

I wish you could have heard her!


Lisa said...

Oh Phyllis Raia looks so much like you in that picture! What a beauty and her sweet little chubby hands!

Mom said...

So do I! That photo reminds me of the series of pictures you took of Jaan in the midst of early nature study. Do you remember those?

The teaching and exposre to God's creation you are giving your children delights them and us.

Much love to each....

BabaJulie said...

What a cutie!! She will be "discoursing" very well before long!! (: Love to All!

Anonymous said...

hi, how are you? I am from Mississipi. I'm doing a research on my or our last name Hunsucker.. I found this website while I was searching information about it. It is neat to know that ya'll are so far away. My father is a preacher so it looks like we have lots in common.. My e-mail is if you would like to get in touch. I would like to know any of the information that you have about it also.. Thanks for your time. God bless you and your family..

Jesus Loves You,
Nikki Hunsucker

Shannon said...

Sweet beautiful baby! Is there any way you can catch a video of Raia discoursing so that we who are so far away can share in the joy of hearing her voice? =)

Love to all!

Space Potato said...

Help. Help! I'm sitting in my own livingroom and it is full of wild women. Julie, Debbie, Joyce and your mother. They've had too much caffein.

Say hello, gals.

Hi girlie, Debbie & I are complimented by the wild woman comment. Although, I haven't had any coffee, of course. ;o) Debbie took us out to Barnie's coffee for chocolate freezers. Now we are making lists of things Debbie needs to do before she leaves for MO. Your Dad has been researching types of butterflies found in MO. I have now been instructed to not write novels on a blog and so I have to go. Much love & hugs. Jules

Hey Phyllis cute picture of your beautiful daughter. just know that we all miss you all and would love to hug on those children:) take care and keep sending us those pictures:)!!! Momi

Hello my friend!!!!! yes, its really me :) I miss you.....we are packing and moving in 4 weeks.....I left Alysha in tears tonight, pray for her, she is having a hard time. I promise to let you know my new e-mail.....although i don't do it much, i will try. I send you a hug my friend!!!! :)
Love and miss you, sure do wish you were here with us, love ya Debbie

Mom says she will write in her own box.

My grandchildren are wonderful.
Love, Dad

Phyllis said...

Thank you for all the comments! Dad, thank you especially for getting everyone to write something. Debbie, Julie, and Momi, I miss you!

Shae, I can try to catch something on video, but no promises. Videos have to be a rare treat anyway, because they take a while to post.