Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The nature preserve

I'm afraid I'm never going to catch up on photos! Yesterday we took the camera to the woods again, and you wouldn't believe how many pictures we took. This one is from last week:
Frog eggs
Originally uploaded by fylliska.

I had mentioned the Hunsucker Balcony Nature Preserve. So far we have these frog eggs, which will soon be tadpoles, along with a family of snails, various seedlings, and a few nettles in pots for when the butterflies start laying eggs. We're having so much fun out there!


BabaJulie said...

Wow! Frog eggs! What a great thing!! I know Jaan and Raia will love that!

My Lupine plants are getting bigger and bigger! I sure hope they make it in our hot weather! My pansies are still beautiful, but they will have to come up soon! ): I'll never have a crop like this again!! Love you all!!

Mom said...

What a delight to know that your balcony/nature preserve contains such abundant life! We are eagerly awaiting the report that butterflies have visited the nettles.

Much love....