Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The sandbox
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I don't have time to post all the gardening pictures from yesterday, so I'll try to choose out the best and send them one at a time. We had a wonderful day yesterday! While Will and Pavel 'tilled', the rest of us collected bugs and played. Katya wants to open an insect zoo with me. All of us were learning new things. The girls would come running to me with questions like, "Aunt Phyllis, do you know what ladybugs eat?" And I would have to reply, "Yes, but I don't know what they're called in Russian." So, we would go off for me to find an aphid and show it to everyone, until we found someone who knew what it was called. We continued like that for the whole morning. Then, we had lunch together outside, and I put our little ones down for their naps. While they slept, I got to plant. Oh, happy day!

Also, Raia started signing yesterday! I've been signing to her off and on, not as faithfully as I would like to, but she still picked up something. I was just getting ready to nurse her, and she looked up at me, smiled, and very clearly signed "milk"!


Mom said...

Your photo and vignette make my heart sing. Thanks!
Love you all....

Mimi said...

What a neat photo, and I can hear the conversation in my head.

Congratulations on the baby signs - we did that with our youngest too.

BabaJulie said...

I love the gardening picture! What fun! And, what a great time you all must have had asking and answering questions about bugs! Lots of love!